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  1. FarmTRX Yield & Mapping Version 2.0 (NEW, with QuickConnect)

    FarmTRX 2.0 kit. Retrofits to any combine for yield & mapping data collection. Now with QuickConnect!

  2. FarmTRX Moisture Sensor Add-On
    Add moisture capability to your FarmTRX Yield Monitor! Measure while harvesting, calculate wet & dry totals, & map. Easy install.
  3. FarmTRX Yield & Mapping - Build Your Own Kit!
    Build your own FarmTRX package. Start with the base system & select your upgrades (moisture sensor and Climate FieldView).
  4. FarmTRX Climate FieldView™ Drive Compatibility Kit
    Upgrade your FarmTRX system! Climate FieldView™ subscribers: see your map live, in-cab. With updated harness & adapter cable.
  5. FarmTRX QuickConnect Mounts Upgrade Kit
    Upgrade your FarmTRX 1.0 system! Replace the bracket mounts with new QuickConnect sensor mounts. Existing sensors thread on.
  6. Auger Downspouts
    Efficiently and safely direct the flow of grains and oilseeds to your truck or grain cart without splash, spillage, or wind loss
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