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    9400-9650W, CTS, CTS II
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  1. FarmTRX Yield & Mapping (NEW, with QuickConnect)

    FarmTRX kit. Retrofits to any combine for yield & mapping data collection. Now with QuickConnect!

  2. FarmTRX Yield & Mapping

    FarmTRX yield & mapping kit. Retrofits to any combine to allow yield & mapping data collection. New moisture option! 

  3. John Deere 9400-9650/CTS Return Elevator Housing

    Return / tailings elevator housing, direct replacement for JD combines.

  4. FarmTRX Moisture Sensor Add-On
    Add moisture capability to your FarmTRX Yield Monitor! Measure while harvesting, calculate wet & dry totals, & map. Easy install.
  5. John Deere T660/T670 & 9600-9660 Clean Grain Door
    Clean grain elevator door assembly for John Deere T660 & T670, 9600, 9610, 9650 & 9660 combines.
  6. John Deere 9400-9870 STS Clean Grain Elevator Door
    Door assembly for the clean grain elevator, for John Deere 9400, 9410, 9500, 9510, 9650-9870 STS combines. Solid, with protective plate.
  7. Clean Grain Elevator Door

    Clean grain elevator door, direct factory replacement.

  8. John Deere 9400-9870 STS Elevator Sprocket

    Elevator sprocket for JD combines. Used on clean grain & return.

  9. Case IH 80/88 & John Deere 9400-9870 STS Tailings Elevator Spherical Bearing
    Spherical bearing with collar for tailings elevator on Case IH 40/60/66/80/88 series (1640-7088) combines & many JDs. 1" bore.
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