Flexxifinger Vibra-Screen

Flexxifinger Vibra-Screen

Keep your fertilizer flowing with Flexxifinger's vibrating screen for the intake ends of your seeder augers or conveyors.


  • While you focus on the discharge end of the auger or conveyor, the Flexxifinger® Vibra-Screen will keep the intake end flowing freely
  • The vibration screen removes hard fertizer lumps and other foreign materials that will clog the fertiziler runs on your seeder causing misses and down time
  • The hard lumps vibrate off the screen and keep the fertiziler flowing
  • Featuring a high quality, variable speed vibration motor
  • Handheld variable speed controller with extra long wiring for ease of operation
  • The vibration motor as well as the handheld controller are sealed to keep out dust and reduce possible moisture from entering. This ensures longer life and reduced shock hazard.
  • 110/120 Volt system. Most vehicle inverters provide the required power
  • Large screen area, 35" x 29" (89cm x 74cm) accepts large bin openings or auger spouts
  • Low profile to fit under most bins
  • Available with either a hopper for augers or a stand for conveyors
  • Standard screen option: 1"; others screen sizes available
Flexxifinger Vibra-Screen Flexxifinger Vibra-Screen Flexxifinger Vibra-Screen Flexxifinger Vibra-Screen Flexxifinger® Vibra-Screen